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From Software Unknown to Unicorn

The Challenge

  • Belgian data software firm Collibra enters a crowded US tech market with little to no brand awareness
  • The concept of data governance is still emerging, but its esoteric nature makes the topic a sleeper for most business audiences

The Strategy

  • Make data governance relevant and compelling by putting hard business value against it
  • Focus on Collibra’s “purpose-built” approach vs. competitive solutions that treat governance as an afterthought
  • Humanize Collibra’s technology so media and buyers could appreciate its value
  • Identify opportunities via trendspotting and social listening (GDPR, data privacy, the Facebook data breach) to promote thought leadership, position data governance as an existential issue
  • The secret sauce: share a provocative POV 

The Results


Earned Industry Recognition


Share of Voice Skyrocketed


Secured Funding from Leading VCs


Company Valuation Soars into Billions

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