Breaking up With X: Should Your Company Leave?

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X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has been on an incremental decline. Advertisers are leaving, content moderation is de-emphasized, and verification is messy. Some even argue that Twitter is dead. Most recently,
inflammatory comments made by X’s CEO have caused brands to reevaluate their activity on X.

Should You X-it?

Brands have several valid reasons to be on their way out, and an especially pressing concern is that their values don't align with X's actions. But it can be hard to just walk away when your company has developed a content strategy for a social media channel, fostered a specific audience, and created unique content. Yet a brand’s use of any social media platform can be viewed as an implicit endorsement of the platform itself. So ask these questions to help determine if you should move off of X (or any other social platform):

  • What does your company use X for? Consider what kind of content or updates you share on X specifically. Is there another social platform that currently serves the same purpose? Could this content be distributed across your other social channels? 

  • What kind of engagement does your company account have? Has your followership been increasing or declining? How is your engagement, and how does it compare to your other channels? If you’re seeing diminishing (or low-quality) returns, your efforts may be better spent elsewhere. 

A text-based graphic that outlines the four questions to consider when leaving X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Departing from a social media platform can be a challenge — but these key questions
can help guide your decision.

  • What would you be losing if your company paused X? Consider what value your company receives from participating on X, whether that’s real-time conversation about your brand or networking with other industry professionals. Can you accomplish similar goals with other tools?

  • Why do you want to leave X? Perhaps most importantly, be honest about your reasons for considering a departure from X. If you feel your brand’s reputation may be affected, keep these concerns in mind.

Once you have evaluated these key points, you’ll have a more complete understanding of what’s next for your company’s social media presence. If you’re not sure where to start, your agency partner or social media specialist can provide strategic guidance on recent industry updates that could play a role in your decision. 

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Leaving the Nest

The decision to depart from any social media platform is an inherently public one. But with the right consideration, a plan in place, and a strong point of view, you can protect your company’s reputation and respect its core values.

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