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Showcasing Ally’s Commitment to Doing It Right

The Challenge

  • Ally wanted a CSR report that highlighted its purpose-driven achievements and clearly connected its CSR programs to the brand’s culture of being an ally, showcasing Ally’s commitment to its Do It Right motto. 

The Strategy

  • Humanize the work Ally is doing by focusing on people-first storytelling, not just data, to demonstrate the impact of Ally’s CSR initiatives and give voice to the recipients of Ally’s work
  • Bring Ally’s CSR programs to life through Ally’s culture-forward branding and its authentic, compassionate, and approachable brand voice
  • Ensure visual consistency throughout the report with repeated design elements and by adhering to Ally’s brand guidelines
  • Create a landing page with multiple entry points to the report to improve engagement
  • Design the report to adhere to all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure accessibility

The Results


Winner of 2024 Innovation SABRE Award


56-page report developed in three months


New landing page increased engagement by leading readers to the full report

Ally CSR report

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