‘Tis the Season: Holiday Social Media Posts for Brands


The approach of fall and winter ignites brands with the amazing gift of creative opportunity. From Halloween to Hanukkah and everything in between, ‘tis the season for brands to wrap their content with holiday themes and drum up extra attention across social channels.

With everyone joining in the festive fun, making your content stand out from the crowd can be a difficult feat. Not sure where to begin? Take some inspiration from these stand-out campaigns that effortlessly combined their content with the season.

Capitalize on hashtags.

Take a look at what’s trending during each season, and brainstorm your content around it. Keeping in mind some reasonable goals and relevant categories Instead of using the very broad #Christmas tag, take advantage of #24Days that is a top trend each year and a little more specific. And don’t feel trapped by the holidays, there are other seasonal trends to consider. For example, #SmallBizSat can be a great conversation to keep an eye on. There may even be holiday hashtags tailored to your industry that can boost your brand’s social reach.

Keep an eye on Twitter announcements too. The platform is great about sharing insights for how brands can better market themselves on the platform and even put together a #HolidayisHappening guide to holiday marketing for brands.

Use stats and infographics.

The best holiday bits are short and sweet! Put a festive spin on your brand’s infographic content, like the 12 Days of ERP from Tier One client ManageForce that embraces the holiday spirit. Audiences look for colorful, visually appealing content that can be understood and appreciated at a glance, so these festive infographics provide informative content that your audience will want to share. To get even more reach, promote your content using the holiday hashtag tips above!

Give a little.

In 2016, the coworking and office space provider, WeWork, launched the “WeWork Gift Guide.” Using #‎wwgiftguide, WeWork published a short series about the art of gift giving. Any brand can mimic this campaign by tailoring its own custom “gift guide” for its audience members. Are you a B2B brand? List some helpful tools, re-package industry-relevant (and festive) tips, brainstorm office gifts, or develop infographics with unique content that your audience can use. More B2C? Tune into the needs of your target market. Spread the word through social, but most importantly, have fun!

Send a friendly reminder to get involved.

Add a holiday countdown into your social strategy to keep users excited throughout the season. While a daily countdown can get repetitive, keep your audience engaged by offering different product releases, contests, prizes, or other brand-related things each day. This Facebook example from Cisco simply asks how users give back, but it incorporates generous holiday vibes, encourages user interaction, and humanizes their brand.

Have fun!

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity. If appropriate for your audience, try tossing in some pop culture references through GIFs or memes. And whether you’re posting from a personal or professional account, providing behind-the-scenes material that shows off your office and company culture makes your account much more approachable. Not only will your brand stand out this season, but it’ll be more memorable to your audience in the long run. Happy Holidays!

Written with help from Jessica Ivetich. 

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