From TikTok’s Takeover to AI-powered Audio: News in Digital Marketing

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As social media evolves, trends that once seemed like quick crazes — TikTok dances, storytimes, and catchy audio soundbites —  have fueled structural innovations across social media platforms, transforming the digital marketing landscape in the process. Though it’s easy to feel lost in the whirlwind of algorithm updates and platform changes we’ve seen so far this year, digital marketers can’t risk getting lost in the shuffle. Which is why we gathered some of this year’s top social media stories from Tier One’s weekly digital marketing newsletter, The Spark.

Take Control of Your TikTok

Social media managers, rejoice. TikTok extended its Marketing Partner Program, allowing third-party social media software like Hootsuite or Sprout to manage users’ TikTok accounts. With this update, users can schedule posts, track metrics, and access engagement insights through external platforms, making it easier to integrate TikTok with the rest of your social media strategy. 

In Sync: Adobe Premiere Pro’s AI-powered Remix Tool

Strong video editing skills are now a requirement for digital marketers hoping to keep up with the trends. With the latest release from Adobe, social media managers and content creators can now craft perfectly composed videos with just the click of a button. Adobe Premiere Pro’s new AI-powered Remix Tool can perfectly edit tracks — whether they be your favorite songs or trending audio clips — to videos, syncing up the audio and visual for effortless transitions. 

60 to 600: Tik Tok Ups to 10-Minute-Long Videos

TikTok pioneered the trend of short-form video content, a formula Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube were quick to copy. But while TikTok got its start in 15-second clips, the platform soon started to stray from its bite-size roots, first introducing minute-long videos, then moving all the way up to 10. Not wanting to be left behind, Instagram has also started lengthening the limits for Reels, which can now be up to 90 seconds. While short form still reigns across platforms, longer video length allows more room for creativity and information sharing.

No More Netflix Binging? UGC Is on the Rise 

Streaming services have long been the undisputed king of online video entertainment, but with user-generated content (UGC) becoming more popular than ever, many viewers might be ditching “Stranger Things” and “Never Have I Ever” for Can It Kirkland and Melon Be Smellin’. A recent Deloitte study found 41% of U.S. consumers are spending more time watching video content online than they are watching shows and movies on streaming services, and 80% of U.S. social media users are active on platforms that revolve around UGC on a daily basis. 

Short and Sweet: YouTube Releases Analytics Features for YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts are the fastest-growing kind of content in the app — over 1.5 billion users are now watching the 60-second videos. But it’s hard for marketers to take advantage of the growing user base without a way to measure the performance of their videos. To make Shorts more brand-friendly, YouTube released updated analytics features, including new and returning viewer metrics and discovery insights, helping marketers get more strategic with their Shorts.  

Facetok? Tikbook? 

Facebook introduced a TikTok-esque algorithm as a response to the video platform’s rising dominance. The Facebook home page is supplementing friends’ content with an endless scroll of UGC from profiles users may or may not follow. This new algorithmic update could transform FB into a more brand-friendly space — but may chase away users just looking for photos of family and friends.

Spark Your Creativity

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