Digital Marketing Year in Review

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Happy (almost) New Year! With 2023 just around the corner, we’re looking back at the social and digital marketing themes that defined 2022. From the rise of short-form video to the seismic shifts shaking up social media, these trends will inform marketing strategies in the coming year.

Short-Form Video

From TikTok’s domination to YouTube Shorts and Reels, quick video clips ruled 2022. In light of dwindling attention spans and algorithms that feed users an uber-personalized diet, bite-sized content makes total sense. If you haven’t yet made your short cinema debut, consider adding a brief explainer video or behind-the-scenes footage to your 2023 resolutions.

The End of Cookies

As we continued the move toward a cookieless future, we saw tech companies begin to implement new ways for marketers to gather customer data. Google introduced a cookie alternative. LinkedIn expanded its Group Identity targeting option. Some brands even experimented with AR technology (more on that later) as a creative way to get first-party data. Google is set to phase out use of third-party cookies completely in 2024, so 2023 is the ideal time to begin trying out other methods to get valuable customer information.

AI/AR Takeover

Between the Metaverse, the emergence of generative AI technology like ChatGPT, and increased use of AR in marketing, a brave new (virtual) world took shape in 2022. This technology is still new and may be creating more questions than answers at this stage. But in 2023, resolve to fully embrace it and explore the ways it could bolster your marketing strategy.

The Seismic Social Shift

Social media sure looks a lot different than it did just a year ago. Elon Musk took over Twitter, which led to a mass exodus of users and the proliferation of competitors. Other platforms scrambled to replicate TikTok’s massive success. And BeReal ushered in a new era of authenticity in social media. The constant changes reminded us to never put all of our eggs in one basket. How will you keep your social strategy agile in the coming year?

To 2023… and Beyond!

Take full advantage of the marketing trends that shaped 2022 to plan your strategy for the new year.  For more digital marketing tips, tricks, and trends, subscribe to Tier One’s weekly newsletter, The Spark.

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